3D Visualisation

kitchen visualisation cad
  • 3d design, visualisation & realization
  • Type: Open plan studio kitchen
  • Location: Prague, Czech republic
  • Client: Private
Creating a floorplan

Using industry standard software and hardware we precisely measure your house or flat and produce scale digital floorplan including all details such as ceiling height, position of windows and doors, alcoves etc. Within limits we can trace plumbing and wiring.

3d design and visualisation

Create agreed number of optional designs and produce a final photorealistic render. Part of our full package is printed copy with index, floorplan and any additional information.



Only visualisation

We are happy to cooperate with others and create only visualization for projects not designed by us. Price is then calculated simply per time spent on creating 3d models and rendering.

3d design and visualisation

See your new interior in stunning 3D preview in digital or printed copy.